The journey to the Mexican Dream

So Puerto Vallarta huh?! ! Let us help you land on your feet…

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Warm waters, warm people…

While many come just for the sun, other come to realize the Mexican state of mind; relaxed and away from the everyday, where one can mind their own passion or take the day off. The Vallarta way is sought by many; look around many new buildings and amenities makes Puerto Vallarta one of Mexico’s best get away. Some choose to stay part time, others full time. You know what?! everyone is so welcome here; making PVR truly the friendliest town known to us.

Many choose to buy into this great beach town, but the choices are abundant, with great variety. Concrete homes differs lots from wood construction practices and, well, an appropriate inspector is necessary.

The Property Inspector welcomes you as well, with a service attitude making your transition into town or elsewhere simpler. Equipped with the latest technology, TPI assures your new home is comfy and properly equipped to be an awesome buy. We are not just here to assist you inspecting a property. We can also repair or add what ever you need to make it to your liking. we offer you bilingual staff and recognized building specialists, structural analysts, pool experts etc. We are a group of specialists that combine our professionalism to assist you in your language with decent and honest pricing and work policies. Call today we are so glad you’re moving to Puerto Vallarta, Bucerias or anywhere we can reach you!


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