Architectural Studio & Construction.

We specialize in illumination projects too.

The Property Inspector is made up of Seasoned Builders; engineers, master plumbers and licensed electricians to mention a few, still the most important member important, is you! Your home can be totally revamped for less than you imagine.

Your project goes from a draft, to paper to approval. The Studio works with you with Auto CAD design. Our Architectural Studio deals not just spaces but textures tones and light.

A 3-D render is made; finally the illumination layer is lit. Your initial idea became a 3D digital model.

Your project is quoted in simple to understand English or Spanish terms. Technical details are explained in every layer: Plumbing, electrical, carpentry along structural functionality and texture and color of your choice.

The rendered model goes through a few reviews and Specs are written. Quote presented. Work can begin.

Custom made areas, electrical work to code.

Definition takes form in AutoCad, our partners of Form-Factor Illumination begin the to scale render using world class DiaLux EVO model maker. Ray-traced details are mailed to you for your review.

Call us! We can’t wait to talk shop!

Whats cool? well…

In most cases The Studio Project Development can be free. Our team does a hand sketch of the actual state of the space. When the project gets approved to build the fees are waived to offer you a bettered value.

No job is too small… Great referrals!

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