Pricing Schedule

Our rates take into consideration: Exteriors & facades, appliances, user comforts, interiors (baths and kitchen) and installations such as swimming pools, electrical networks, hydraulic branching, air conditioning and surrounding grounds.

We follow the industry’s mid level in order to offer you competitive pricing. – Prices since 2018

Inspections are rated by area size, priced in Mexican Currency**.
  • Rental Inspections at $3,000.00 (restrictions apply).
  • Home Inspections 1,710 sq. ft. (159 sq. mt.) and below $5,500.00
  • Home inspections up to 1,720 sq. ft. (160 sq mt.) $6,500.00
  • Home inspections from 1,730 to 2,370 sq. ft. (161- 220 sq. mt.) $7,000.00
  • Home inspections from 2,375 to 2,800 sq. ft. (221 – 260 sq. mt.) $7,500.00
  • Home inspections from 2,805 to 3,500 sq. ft. (261 – 325 sq. mt.) $8,000.00
  • Larger than 3,500? Get a flat rate tariff of $2.20 MxP per Sq. Foot.

NOTE: consider Solar panels, Spa’s and swimming pools as extra. However, most fit under the pricing above.

Note: If a home is surveyed turns out to be larger than mentioned – a price adjustment is necessary.

See Payment methods and booking an inspection – upon request.

**For US to MX bank transfer a 7.5% surcharge must be considered (bank’s Commission fee -tax included).

*PayPal transfers please add 6%We recommend using WISE.COM

Why are some rates lower? In our experience low rates usually equal a bare bones visual inspections that offer little to no answers as to an obvious problem, others breaking ground in to the bay, are not from the area, they know wooden construction at best. Typical of being a side job.

The Property Inspector PV employs high end technology to verify and to assess every space as required. Our staff is titled and possessing extensive industrial and residential building experience in PVR; Naturally with a deep understanding of what a Puerto Vallarta home usually suffers from. A beach front unit has very different wear than a urban concrete home. Marina condos, have a particular electrical setup typical of its day of build.

*Out of the bay? We got you covered. A reasonable gas and time surcharge applies. Call for details.

Local Service Area. From Mismaloya to Nuevo Vta.
Extended Service Area: From Tuito To Las Varas.

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