So many details, we can help you out!

The news: We got new equipment to do wider range inspections; you can count on us to get further client trust. We are on your side to help your client decide upon your listings or showings; Totally Improving Sales. This summer a drone will cover roofs and hard to reach facades.

The Home Inspector welcomes you to a new level of sales influence. We are an avant-garde team of construction detail specialists don’t stop at inspections. We also calculate, design, repair and construct to your needs.

But, for starters: Book an inspection. We visit the property; your client is totally encouraged to tag along. Review the results. Close the deal and call us when you need us to estimate if your client is planning further repairs, modify or improve. Compare pricing.

We love our clients! your inspections are done diligently. Once the report is generated you get a feeling of where you can improve the property if at all.

Our specialists are timely and courteous. They are bilingual, ready to help and assist your buyer. We want you to close your sale, and get your client comfortably set into our bay.

Again, thank you for your interest.

The Home Inspector is on your side.

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