We are your choice inspection team.

Our Mission: To accurately assess the condition of your near-future investment.

 – I have known and used  The Property Inspector for the last several years with great satisfaction. His inspections are thoroughly backed up with documentation and pictures that make it easy for my clients to comprehend, being in Spanish and or English. Their knowledge and many years of experience in construction gives me confidence in his reports and opinions. They’re honest, courteous and punctual for appointments and delivering of reports.  I am happy to recommend his services to anyone seeking a comprehensive and accurate property inspection.

Kelsey M. – Paradise Properties. (2/16/17)

I want to introduce you to the property inspector. He truly does combine his experience with the latest technology to conduct his home inspections. He is very knowledgeable and  highly recommended throughout this region. The assistance of this bilingual third party is of great help with reputable skills and hard work ethics.

– Mr. EVER A. Boardwalk Realtors. (5/3/23)

This is how a properly done inspection can pay for itself; with honest and savvy surveys.

With over 22 years of dedication as Construction Inspection Specialists, we guarantee you the peace of mind, that comes with a real inspection.

 And you are encouraged to tag along – Client presence is welcomed during our inspections, ask questions and get solutions.

Our reports are filled with clear results, diagnosis, and professional opinions (from 7 trade specialists) your report is reviewed for consistency and accuracy, often warning you of possible hazards.

We are qualified with decades of expertise and with an extensive local resume.

Some fixer-uppers can be misleading, you may need honest repair advice; we quote and repair in at least six areas of expertise (electrical, masonry, HVAC, plumbing, solar and pools) still, details can be just simple aesthetic or maintenance repairs.

Our reputation is based on honest well-made reports, not automated cell phone app-made checklists.

Our survey has a proven systematic method; reports have more areas of detail than most people normally expect.

report sample
With over 8 photographs per page, expect a detailed property walk-through.

It takes substantial experience to know what to search for and where issues are usually concealed at. Concrete can behave in particular ways particularly if kept wet; it can contain many indications of hidden damage (rebar bleed, warp, etc.).

We interpret integral defects, shearing joints, texture decomposition, and every indications of structural swerving (deflection); so you… don’t have to.

As per your request: We can check for mold, natural gas (radon) and magnetic radiation. Labpratory work is also done as per request (call for more details).

Be selective:
Watch out for temporarily hired staff that watches a set of videos and off they go with a cellphone app. – “results” are almost immediate.
– Our approach is diligently handmade; with deep photo analysis, constantly looking and comparing signs of damage with paired photography (differently angled photos of the same item).

Imperfections that can hide under a visit – we review photos for supplementary area/space assessment.

Expect a quality and timely report that strives for quality and work proficiency per each case.
Visitations are made with a no-haste attitude; your viable purchase is just as important to us.

We collect additional material to complement the visit even on the way out.

Who we are: 

Team Uno is made up of builders; certified civil and electrical engineering, architects, and QA specialists (our director runs the mechanical engineering for HVAC and plumbing). –  We are Your Primary Inspection Company. 

The Field group focuses on remodeling, building, and architectural modification (up but not limited to  illumination rendering). They are your trusted construction crew; led by the chief Civil Engineer (“The Boss” J. A. Huerta).

Our work has exceeded expectations, Your work is phenomenal, you even mentioned the wasp nests! – Said Yari, Casa Colibri @ El Tigre.

We also offer industrial, commercial, federal and residential buildings reviews and As built evaluations.


Our Services are offered from El Tuito to Rincon de Guayabitos and beyond. Checkout our rates:

Pricing Schedule

  • Our promise a persistent and contentious approach
  • We offer thermal inspections that are included in each inspection. Expect a report filled with useful figures of criteria.

 We love our clients!

  • Thank you for the excellent survey, it looks great! More than I was expecting; thank you for the high quality of work.
    Buying a house is such a complex thing to go through, especially as a first time buyer, so it’s great to have the opportunity to work with professionals such as yourself.

-Rachael N. – Los Encantos -Bucerias Nayarit.

Lets make your punch list

Let your experts put together one for you. We will assist you in possible future repairs  or maintenance issues even years after your purchase;

We quote and guarantee our work; take control in every corner of your actual project. 

Our builder current project: 

Bucerias: Total home remodeling @ Casa Del Arte.

casa bella

What do we test?: (to mention a few)

  • Kitchen and laundry appliances performance & operational states.
  • Structural analysis; from fissures to fractures, beams, plumbs and squares.
  • Garage gates, interior doors, locks keys, drag.
  • Endoscopic analysis of pipes, boilers and appliances when applicable.
  • Roof sealants and rain water management.
  • Stationary gas tanks, cook top and BBQ valve leaks – a safety diligence.
  • Urbanization standards & street noise levels.
  • Water pressure readouts. Toilet performance.
  • Wall conditions, crevices, bulges and paint failure that may tell about hidden damages.
  • Air conditioning installations:  volumetry and infrared thermal cameras, checking operational performance, leaks and possible water damage.
  • Electrical outlet ground and correct phase bias in every outlet. We look into electrical and plumbing particularly.
  • Overall neighboring facilities and conditions ( sidewalk, trees and city drains etc.)
  • Tap water quality readings (Total Dissolved Solids) in parts per million. 
  • Air quality evaluation, CO2, Total Volatile Organic  (TVOC) presence and formaldehyde and radon gas.

What others said:

” Your report was excellent. It surpassed my expectations!” – Jerry B. – Vancouver, BC- Canada

“Fact filled inspection with more items than I thought. Thank you, am pleased.”– Hank M. Miami Fl. USA.

“A great report, best I’ve had in my buying experience”– Capt. Ramiro, San Francisco Ca.- USA

We also offer you a modeling Studio.

We have rendered and illuminated entire city projects. Let us help with your renovations. No project is ever too small.

Puerto Magico PV (ship’s terminal).



We have free samples! Call / write us to make an appointment.

Appointments and information at: 


Office +52 (322) 222 4248

Cell (322) 153 1197

We proudly follow:


 for a free copy click here

Integrity, honesty, and objectivity are fundamental principles embodied by this Code, which sets forth obligations of ethical conduct for the home inspection profession.


The Membership of ASHI has adopted this Code to provide high ethical standards to safeguard the public and the profession.

Having an inspection done… Yields results!

Standing water. Roofing and pipes damaged, mold. Now you know.
Wet leaky pump- floor. Strong electric shock potential.


Our specialists includes: Licensed Engineering Structuralists, Certified Electricians, Pool and Plumbing Experts, Air Conditioning Consultants and naturally, Inspection Dedicated professionals. We are truly ready.

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