Your home’s top inspection team.

Our job: Help you enhance your overall acquisition experience. 


It is a fact that a properly done inspection will pay for itself. With 22 years of dedication as Construction Inspection Specialists we are here for you.  Your considerable investment should be scrutinized, a due diligence. We are not just certified, were are qualified.

Naturally, our team wears masks and all instrumentation goes under antibiotic spraying and UV light treatment prior inspections; coherently we avoid shaking hands and wear gloves for everyone’s protection.

When choosing an inspector, consider the following: who will be doing it?
is it and employee filling a checklist, without much prior experience, doing her / his 9 to 5 job?
– Or an experienced qualified inspection outfit where each member is a trade specialist?
Where you get not just a report but, an expert behind the post inspection repair advice!

Were are here for you; to do what we do best:  Surveying and Inspecting your property then prepare a thorough, detailed report. Also give our clientele free after-purchase support; .

Our work has exceeded expectations, Thank you! Your work is phenomenal. – Yari @ El Tigre.

Experience and commitment gets you a complete and in depth report, revealing main operational issues in different degrees of wear. Structural, plumbing and electric being key factors in play, no less we seek out mold, unusual odors, repaired textures and pests; ants, wasps, rodents. Even checking the property’s vegetation health, and ground up-keeping.

We got a few industrial, federal and lots of residential experience.

  • Industrial: Mazda, Harley Davidson, Hyundai and Fiat dealerships, Lago Real Walmart.
  • Residential: Villas de la Colina I & II , Selva Romantica, Volvox I, Encanto Las Amapas to mention a few.
  • Federal: Illumination design for Capitania de Puerto, CFE CCI 3 & 5 power generation transmission wiring – La Paz BCS, Highway from Los Altos Durango – Mazatlan Sinaloa.

– No other outfit even comes close to our experience –

The main difference being; we advise you how to have the property’s found issues repaired even DIY items to save you money and delays (realtors appreciate this too); you get a guide not just a functional condition report.

More than 36, top Real Estate firms trust and consistently recommend our services, with at least 19 renown freelancers, the list literally growing almost every week. Not just in our state.

Our Services are offered from El Tuito to Rincon de Guayabitos.

  • Totally equipped with the latest detection instruments, every month adding or modernizing our toolbox. Having done whole tower industrial inspections locally.
  • Specialists like electricians, engineers and architectural experts are at your disposal at no extra cost.
  • We are timely, diligent and methodical: exhibiting the actual operating state, and most out of sight items as possible. Our approach is persistent, and contentious.
  • We offer thermal inspections, included in each inspection. Expect a figure filled report derived from high tech metrology readings and their respective interpretations. 
  •  We got a deep proven track in industrial and residential construction installations (electrical, pools, hydro-sanitary, structural etc.).
  • Now with air quality assessments and electrical thermal imaging.
  • Don’t fret over your purchase we don’t exaggerate results; fixer uppers can so be misleading, however most are simple aesthetic repairs. Our reputation is based on honest but well made reports, not checklists.
  • We have redundant drone technology to inspect roofs and solar installations. 

Thank you for the excellent survey, it looks great! More than I was expecting. I thank you for the high quality of work. Buying a house is such an important thing to go through, especially as a first time buyer, so it’s great to have the opportunity to work with professionals such as yourself. Rachael N. – Bucerias Nayarit.

Others said:

” Your report was excellent. It surpassed my expectations!” – Jerry B. – Vancouver, BC- Canada

“Fact filled inspection with more items than I thought. Thank you, am pleased.”– Hank M. Miami Fl. USA.

“A great report, best I’ve had in my buying experience”– Capt. Ramiro, San Francisco Ca.- USA

I have known and used  “The Property Inspector” for the last several years with great satisfaction. His inspections are thoroughly backed up with documentation and pictures that make it easy for my clients to comprehend, being in Spanish and or English. Their knowledge and many years of experience in construction gives me confidence in his reports and opinions. They’re honest, courteous and punctual for appointments and delivering of reports.  I am happy to recommend his services to anyone seeking a comprehensive and accurate property inspection.

Kelsey M. – Paradise Properties. 

Need a punch list? Let the experts put together one for you. We can assist you in future repairs and installations letting you take control in every step.  

What do we test?: (to mention a few)

  • Kitchen and laundry appliances performance & operational states.
  • Structural analysis; from fissures to fractures, beams, plumbs and squares.
  • Garage gates, interior doors, locks keys, drag.
  • Endoscopic analysis of pipes, boilers and appliances when applicable.
  • Roof sealants and rain water management.
  • Stationary gas tanks, cook top and BBQ valve leaks – a due safety diligence.
  • Urbanization standards & street noise levels.
  • Water pressure readouts. Toilet performance.
  • Wall conditions, crevices, bulges and paint failure that may tell about hidden damages.
  • Air conditioning installations:  volumetry and infrared thermal cameras, checking operational performance, leaks and possible water damage.
  • Electrical outlet ground and correct phase bias in every outlet. We look into electrical and plumbing particularly.
  • Overall neighboring facilities and conditions ( sidewalk, trees and city drains etc.)
  • Tap water quality readings (Total Dissolved Solids) in parts per million. 
  • Air quality evaluation, CO2, Total Volatile Organic  (TVOC) presence and formaldehyde gas.

Aiding you with top architectural and engineering collaborators; we inspect all kinds of properties, be it in the Sayulita jungle, Luxurious units in Conchas Chinas and large vacation homes in Guayabitos, get the qualified team, we also offer you repairs.

Our inspections include counseling on cost of repairs. We fill you with in-depth facts and photographs that delivers a spot on score on each.

We also boast a modeling Studio. We have rendered and illuminated entire city projects. Let us help with your renovations. No project is ever too small. 


We have free samples! Call / write us to make an appointment.

Appointments and information at:

Office +52 (322) 222 4248

Cell (322) 153 1197

We proudly follow:


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Integrity, honesty, and objectivity are fundamental principles embodied by this Code, which sets forth obligations of ethical conduct for the home inspection profession.

Our Job: Seasoned buyers know that a competent and thorough home inspection pays for itself even with just one contingent item alone.

The Membership of ASHI has adopted this Code to provide high ethical standards to safeguard the public and the profession.

 Having an inspection done… Yields results!

Standing water. Roofing and pipes damaged, mold. Now you know.
Wet leaky pump- floor. Strong electric shock potential.


Our specialists includes: Licensed Engineering Structuralists, Certified Electricians, Pool and Plumbing Experts, Air Conditioning Consultants and naturally, Inspection Dedicated professionals. We are truly ready.

Your next home is our concern too.

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