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Inspections save money, they reveal the other side of the coin; the one you should know of. If you are looking to buy, give us a chance to save you the hassle.

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Clients mostly complain owners failure to disclose material facts or that their inspectors failed to find them. These omissions can be substantial. Preventable lawsuits could follow. 

While inspections are not perfect (no human activity truly is) there are steps, however, that the buyer can take before and during a home inspection:

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A) Participate with your qualified inspector, should be a gratifying experience. After all… two sets of eyes do see more details, you can clear any doubts about the property. We welcome the opportunity to have the prospecting buyer coming along; this truly it makes getting it  done to your satisfaction; avoiding possible oversights.  And its fun!

B) Consider separate inspections for mold, termites and swimming pools. These may not be visible but can result in significant repairs or losses later.  Can concrete homes have termites ?!  Surely: wooden stairs and specially with decorative wood beams, palapas and pool closets, to mention a few.  Vallarta’s termites are truly aggressive; the have been know to bore into mortar on their way to wooden furniture.

C) Be thorough: look under the rugs, loose tiles and even hung pictures.

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Open closets and use your senses: smells tell lots of stories.  Touch a moldy wall, is it wet?!

MYTH: An appraisal is just as comprehensive as a home inspection; or… If I have a really good appraisal, it won’t be necessary to have a home inspection.

FACT: Home inspections and home appraisals are NOT the same.  As ridiculous as this sounds, some homeowners end up assuming that a comprehensive  appraisal has all the bases covered.  According to the American Society of Home inspectors, over 20%  of people were under the impression that they had and house inspection when in fact all they had was a BANK’s appraisal.

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